Monday, March 29

Nothing To Lose by Steve Vernon

Captain Nothing isn't your average super hero. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to call him a hero at all. For starters, he doesn't have any super powers. Hey, just because he wears a cape, that doesn't make him a hero. Also, his mask...well, I'll let you figure that one out. Let's just say it's a little permanent. And his trusty sidekick? A yellow cab. Yep. That's right.

This is one of the best chapbooks I have ever come across. The blurb on the back writes "Nothing To Lose is a collection of stories that will show you the darker side of courage.", and it shows in spades. The 3 stories that are compiled in this little number are quite possibly the meanest, grittiest, nastiest stories detailing the dark side of heroes that your favorite Marvel/DC/Vertigo friends won't touch.

For those of you who know who Steve Vernon is, you'll be rewarded with his incredibly lyrical style of sarcasm and wit. His darkest work yet, Nothing To Lose proves once and for all that Vernon is capable of taking on any genre of fiction. And for those of you who aren't familiar with him, you'd better get your hands on this.

Published by Burning Effigy Press and selling at $8.00 USD, what have you got to lose? Nothing.


*Note of interest - Captain nothing shows up again in an anthology called Tabloid Terrors 2, which is balls out gross and borderline inappropriate for all ages. Paperback Horror fully enjoyed every minute of it.

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