Saturday, April 17

Chainsaw Terror by Nick Blake

Chainsaw Terror, written by Shaun Hutson under the pen name Nick Blake, was published in 1984 by Star publishing. This book was originally published in the US, but was banned in the UK by W.H. Smith for the use of the word 'Chainsaw' in the title. It was published again by Star in 1985, heavily edited and under the title Come The Night.

The story revolves around Edward Briggs, who was witness to the brutal murder of his mother - by his father - who then immediately commits suicide right in front of him. Edward still lives in the same house with his sister who has become the subject of his infatuation. Edward doesn't like it when his sister goes out and wants her to stay with him forever in the cold, soundproof house...with him and his tools.

While perhaps not the most incredible piece of fiction in terms of writing style, Chainsaw Terror makes up for the areas in which it's lacking with lots of gore and nasty, brutal, disgusting kills. The campiness of this book alone makes it worth reading despite the predictable plotline. If you're a fan of slaughter-fest eighties horror a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th, you're sure to love this novel.

*Random bit of info: there are rumors of an uncut manuscript floating around the black market in Australia that depicts a scene involving a girl strapped to a work bench being defiled by a chainsaw. This alleged version, however, has never seen the light of day, and during email communication with Mr. Hutson he has stated that he knows of no such manuscript.


  1. The book definitely looks campy. Not exactly my cup of tea either, by the sounds of it. Still a good review you got here. Good piece of horror trivia. :)

  2. It really is campy, but it's a fun read. Unfortunately, it tends to be a little too expensive to get your hands on a copy these days, as they're all used and relatively rare.

  3. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

  4. Never read it, but I do remember Hutson on some tv show talking about his sickest scenes, one of which being "rape by chainsaw". So, as far as I am concerned he DID write it. Whether or not it still exists is a different matter, but I remember clearly him mentioning it.

  5. I just recently finished reading the Australian version which was under the alternate title. I can confirm that my copy does have a scene where a woman is strapped to a table and chainsawed. Can't really recommend the rest of the book though really.


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