Thursday, June 17

Moonlit Daydreams by Rebecca Carter

If you're into wicked short fiction, then I have a great little book for you.

Moonlit Daydreams by Rebecca Carter features 5 ultra short stories ranging from Vampirism to Undead Velociraptors.

I know...Zombie Velociraptors! I have to be honest, when I read about that I was very unsure as to what I was getting myself into. But, with the lead off story - Of Children - Carter pulls the idea together beautifully, crafting a very sympathetic and intriguing monster, and has even made me want to read more about this undead breed. A longer trip into the theme would be very welcomed.

Hunger is the story of A Vampire who tries very hard to fit into everyday life. I don't want to spoil the end for you, but let's just say that it doesn't all go as planned.

Midnight Strolls depicts the plight of a young woman who is held captive by a deranged and brutal captor, only to become something of an incredible example of Stockholm Syndrome.

Love tells of the lengths a husband is willing to go to in order to show his love for his suicidal wife.

Special is a look at the painful transformation of a beautiful young woman as she becomes a wolf, and the consequences of being something special.

All of the above mentioned stories hint at an underlying talent that Carter has for crafting memorable and heartwrenching stories. For every undeniably brutal and twisted idea or scene, there is a trace of the love that the author has for the horror genre. These stories were obviously told with a passion for every single piece, and bode well for her future as a writer in the horror genre. Hopefully next time we'll get to see something longer.

Until then, more information on Rebecca Carter and her future projects can be found at her website. You can also order Moonlit Daydreams at Amazon.


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