Monday, December 6

Weapons by Liisa Ladouceur

When it comes to poetry, I know most people tend to think about lilies and rabbits, or a host of other painfully boring little things that send little girl's hearts a-flutter, and send most little boys screaming in horror at the possibility of being infected with cooties. It's either that, or it's about black butterflies ripping wounds in the hearts of you, you, and you. Well, that's the stereotype, isn't it?

Not for me.

I LOVE poetry. More importantly, I love it when it's done well, and with a certain amount of attention paid to the dark side of things. The beautiful and talented Liisa Ladouceur has all of those bases covered and more. What she does with words is what most wish they could do, and my, does she do it with style.

The grace and tone that these words are delivered with is absolutely awe inspiring. I've been following Ladouceur's publications for some time, and while some of them are damn near impossible to find, what you will manage to grab out there is sure to satisfy. The only thing better than reading her poetry is actually listening to her speak it. As anyone who listens to Rue Morgue Radio knows, this woman has a very distinct and silky smooth voice that is absolutely made for stuff like this.

Weapons had a super limited print run of 13 copies, making it an instant collector's item. In fact, Ladouceur hand stitched the spines herself - making this just as much a piece of art as it is a
piece of literature.

Here's a taste of what you might have missed with this one (which is also quite appropriate for this frigid season, as well):

Ice Pick

You chip away at it. Like a scab.

Like the blood you've collected.

Pooled, and piled, as if enough

Could form a heart.

These snow white hands of yours

Tenacious. Precise. They know

Where she lies, under ice afar.

They know how to sculpt her

Until she is less and less

A snowflake. A scar...

See what I mean?

Ladouceur is capable of throwing down the perfect words in a way that makes a mixture of images burst into your head at a single glance. She does this with a sexiness and brutality so wickedly refined, that it's utterly amazing. Personally, I'm of the opinion that this is where the bar is set. To attain anything better than this is but a dream. It's safe to say that she's my favorite poet, and I really can't imagine that changing any time soon.

I really can't wait to see what Ladouceur's poetic prowess has in store for the future. For all parties interested (and that should really mean everybody), you can find her at her website, at the Rue Morgue Magazine website and their forums (where you can also find lil ole' me harpin' on about books). You can also grab yourself a copy of her incredible poetry chapbook On Tenterhooks at Burning Effigy Press. I highly recommend it.


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  1. "When it comes to poetry, I know most people tend to think about lilies and rabbits, or a host of other painfully boring little things that send little girl's hearts a-flutter..."

    Ha. Yeah. What would they think of Baudelaire's "Une charogne" ("A Carcass") that describes two lovers coming upon a rotting corpse while out on a romantic walk, to which the narrator compares his lover? Horror indeed.


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