Monday, April 12

Succulent Prey by Wrath James White

Every once in a while you run into a book that just sits heavy on your psyche. As far as mass market paperback's go, I can actually count the ones that have done that to me on one hand. This book is one of them. Be warned, this book is just about as extreme as they come.

15 years ago Joseph Miles was abducted, tortured and almost killed by a pedophiliac serial murderer with the taste for human blood, but Joseph got away. He is the only survivor. Now Joseph has a problem - he is slowly turning into a serial killer. Convinced that his torturer passed a virus on to him that will eventually make him like his assailant, Joseph must find a cure before the woman he loves - the woman who is currently chained to his bed - becomes his next victim.

White's ability to write in an utterly disgusting and descriptive manner is incredible and far from common in the horror genre. The ghastly detail involved in every kill is expertly researched and truly gross and you'll be sure to feel the need for a shower after reading even only half of this book.

Thankfully, while we endure the foray into the actions of a psychopath, Succulent Prey does not just leave the reader with a rather bloody and slick mess of bodily fluid. White obviously went to great lengths to make sure that he not only succeeded in grossing out whomever was reading his book, but also in giving us a truly sympathetic killer. To think of Joseph Miles as "just a murderer" is impossible. Instead, White gave us a victim who is doing what he does in order to find a cure for his "disease".

Over all, Succulent Prey is NOT for the faint of heart. It depicts scenes of graphic torture, mutilation, and ultimately - death. If you're looking for something truly extreme, written by someone who has the chops to do so in an entertaining fashion, then this one is for you.


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