Tuesday, June 29

Blanket Of White by Amy Grech

Amy Grech's Blanket of White - a collection of 14 stories designed to make your skin crawl and your heart race - takes the reader on a crash course with what it truly means to be human.

The stories contained within range from psychological horror to those with darkly sexual themes, and are all presented in a true-to-life way, forcing one to come to terms with the fact that emotional horrors are sometime the most uncomfortable things to endure.

The title story - Blanket of White - deals with one father's incredible love for his physically challenged daughter, and the lengths he will go in order to ensure her happiness. This story is particularly brutal in that it will remind you as to just how special life can be, and how precious every moment is spent with those that you love.

Ashes to Ashes is one of the shorter stories, but nonetheless packs quite the wallop. This little supernatural tale tells of a husband's wedding vow: to be with his wife - always, and how sometimes a promise like that can even transcend death.

Come and Gone sees the Grech's powerful ability to craft erotic prose, and make it shine brightly through the darkness we find within the main character of the story. I actually found this one quite disturbing, as Grech has created a character here that would stand well against someone like Ellis' Patrick Bateman.

The final story in the collection - EV 2000 - deals with robotic Vampirism in a way that you won't believe until you read it. It's has a truly futuristic style, while staying true to the good old fashioned - creep out horror.

Grech's style is as straight to the point as a sucker punch, and will hold your attention well after you've finished the book.

Check out her website, Crimson Screams, for more information, and purchase Blanket of White at Damnation Books.

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