Thursday, July 22

Rapture by Thomas Tessier

When it comes to my regular reading fare, I tend not to go outside of the little box that I've built around myself, with authors that I'm comfortable with. I rarely ever want for something "new" or "different", and would be pleased to read through my collection of Headline Richard Laymon novels until the day I die. I find myself having to amend that decision because of this little book. Thomas Tessier's Rapture has shown me that I can go outside my level of comfort in order to achieve the much coveted discomfort, that I so often search for.

From the Leisure website:

Jeff has always loved Georgianne, ever since they were kids--with a love so strong, so obsessive, it sometimes drives him to do crazy things. Scary things. Like stalking Georgianne and everyone she loves, including her caring husband and her innocent teenage daughter. Jeff doesn't think there's room in Georgianne's life for anyone but him, and if he has to, he's ready to kill all the others...until he's the only one left.

Rapture is one of the most intelligent and disturbing novels centering around a sociopathic/psychopathic character that I have read, to date. It was incredibly refreshing to read something of this caliber, and I have to say - I really hope that Tessier's other novels live up to the bar that this one set. Granted, it's a slow burner (which the above synopsis doesn't nothing to indicate), but when it gets deep into the story - it's more likely that it will embed itself in your psyche, and not let go.

Tessier's characters are incredibly well fleshed out as well. Throughout the novel we're basically attached at the hip with Jeff Lisker as witness' to what he will do to prove his love for the woman of his dreams. The most terrifying parts of the novel are when we're sitting in the Captain's chair with Lisker, seeing first hand what it actually
is to be psychologically disturbed. The worst (read: best) part? You'll most often tend to sympathise with him, making you question your own sanity.

The buildup to the end is incredible, fueled by a sexual tension that burns deep within the most primal of your instincts, and carries you to a final act that is breathtakingly beautiful in it's simplicity.

In 1993, a movie was made based on the novel (directed by Timothy Bond), with Tessier taking a credit for writing the novel. The film starred Michael Ontkean as Jeff Lisker, Karen Allen as Giorgianne Corcoran, and Gemma Barry as Bonnie Corcoran. It was nominated for a Gemini in '93 for Best TV Movie, and in '94 it was nominated for a CSC Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Drama. To my knowledge, it didn't win for either.

You can check out Thomas Tessier's website here, and order his books directly from Leisure or Amazon.



  1. I read a couple Tessier novels in the early '90s and liked them but I think I missed this RAPTURE. Recently I reread FINISHING TOUCHES and *loved* it. You will too, I think.

  2. That's awesome. I plan on picking up FINISHING TOUCHES sometime really soon. It's going to be hard to complete a Tessier collection though, as I can't really find most of his books.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lots of his titles turn up on eBay. He's fortunate his older stuff has been reprinted. But I'm looking for those vintage copies...


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