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Zombielicious by Timothy McGivney

Anyone looking for a fun, fast paced, sexually charged, homo (and hetero) erotic novel depicting zombies, aged strippers, and a bevy of other insane (yet hilarious) characters, should look no further. Timothy McGivney's debut novel - Zombielicious - pushes all of the envelopes and fires on all cylinders. And let's not forget the fact that this is one steaming hot piece of erotic fiction, from all angles.

Amidst a zombie outbreak, Walt, athletic and confident, meets shy and quiet Joey, the attraction between them both instant and electric. With strength in numbers, they band together alongside fellow survivors; Jill, an ex-porn star turned nurse who's made a startling discovery about her past; Ace, a disgruntled security guard who just can't live up to certain short comings; and Molly, the fiery redhead unwilling to give up on her dreams of stardom.

In this apocalyptic new world of the dead, an anything-goes attitude has become the law of the land and lust, betrayal, true love and redemption are all just a gunshot away.

Homo-erotic literature has a huge following in the niche/erotica/romance markets (among others), so it was only a matter of time until the undead poked their ugly heads into the mix. I'm not saying that Zombielicious is the first of it's kind. Oh no. I'm sure there are more out there, but this is the first that I've read. And wow, did it ever leave a lasting impression on me.

As stated above, this is author Timothy McGivney's first published novel, but one really wouldn't be able to tell, given his keen eye for dramatic flair and blistering action sequences. The flow of the novel is a little bit hard to get into at first, as it's written from the first person perspective of all 5 of the main characters, but once the ball gets rolling, it becomes a smooth and fast read.

Speaking of characters, McGivney really has his hands full in this one. The 5 main characters have almost nothing in common with each other from a stereotypical point of view, but share so much in their situation that they seem virtually made for eachother. You can see what we're dealing with in the brief synopsis up top, but the point to remember is that the author really brings all 5 of these people to life, guiding their interactions in a very smooth, very solidly written way. The first person narrative, while admittedly distracting at first, becomes almost non-existent after a while.

Now, to say that this is an undead love story or a zombie novel would be stretching it a little bit. In all honesty, this is a erotic/romance novel set inside the parameters of a zombie apocalypse story. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. The flavor that the circumstance lends to the story makes it all the more enjoyable, and produces some grade A gore for the harder edged readers. These scenes, when tempered with the obligatory (and set-the-page-on-fire-hot) love scenes make this a whirlwind ride, with excitement being a top priority.

The erotic content in this novel is very obviously swayed in the direction of the homo-erotic fare, but there something in this for everyone. The sex scenes in this book are smoking hot, eliciting heart pounding excitement and enough vivid mental pictures to make you blush, no matter what your preferences are. I'd say that McGivney really has a knack for depicting some seriously intense erotic scenes, but then I'd be undercutting his talent. This is some incredibly steamy stuff.

The only real shortcoming that the book has is it's cover, which I really can't enjoy. For a book this wild and entertaining, I feel it deserves something more artistic and flashy.

Zombilicious is really a wicked, sexy, and adventurous ride. If you dig your horror with a large smattering of romance and LGBT erotica, you're really going to enjoy this one.

You can grab a digital copy here and in paperback format here. Check out more info on McGivney here.



  1. Wonderful review of Tim's work. His editor will be thrilled. As to the cover, we felt that using an old horror movie poster style was perfect to match the story.

  2. I am certainly going to pick this up next time I go horror-hunting!

  3. This one sounds interesting. I'm going to add it to my "To Get" list. Great review!



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